Sunday, October 10, 2010

Suning to the "conspiracy theory" fight back country U.S. provocation

Suning last no longer silent.

August 3, Suning CEO Sun Weimin, "unbearable", and the United States and China Paradise Wong, Chairman of the new group after the merger and the new Group CEO, former president Chen Xiao Yong Le since the recent "provocative behavior," struck back. This also means that competition in the Chinese home appliance chain industry will enter a new era of even more intense.

"This is a conspiracy"

"This is Huang Guangyu has planned, organized, premeditated conspiracy for Suning." Sun people definitely said, "We want to disregard this, however, wish, while the wind blows, so that things can not stay out to calm down." As Huang Guangyu's aggressive, and greatly damage the image of Suning, Suning investors, suppliers, consumers and government departments are waiting for Su Ning's attitude, therefore, had to come out to respond to Su Ning Huang Guangyu and Chen Xiao's "provocation" .

Sun stressed that the people, Huang Guangyu and Chen Xiao said in the July 31 Suning should "have merged to create the conditions", "Su Ning and the National US-merger hit up." In just 48 hours after the Aug. 2, in the SINA network interviews, Wong Kwong Yu, the face of M & Suning assumptions will answer, said Su Ning, the country like the United States acquired the acquisition is the United States, to take money or what means Buy and claim Suning valuation. Prior to the acquisition of the predicted denied, as the country's merger between the U.S. and the insider, like Paradise, which is full of suspense, is "the country since the US-directed and performed a farce for Suning."

Sun Weimin said the day from August 2 shares of view, Gome, Suning's market value is greater than the market value. So the country is the United States wants to buy Su Ning Huang Guangyu cooked up the "big lie" intended to affect its share price Suning, Suning want from the capital market and compete. Sun Weimin that Gome and Suning not in the market to compete, but in the capital market Suningshijia pressure, "a conspiracy", but before the comments in the media, Wong Kwong Yu Su Ning's share price, fails as an entrepreneur's credibility. Huang Guangyu may constitute a breach of the national legal acts, Suning not rule out the use of legal weapons to protect the business, investor interest in the possibility.

Possible merger

"Suning will not participate in mergers and acquisitions." Sun told the people, Suning has always unequivocally expressed its position: not to participate in the Merger and the National to the United States. He said that Suning and Gome, Yongle's "blood," not the same, is a native of private enterprise in the territory of the Main Board-listed public company, Gome, Yongle in China, Hong Kong-listed foreign capital, are international capital background, the In concept, ideas, culture, management and so are not the same, in a word, "no common ground at any point at all."

To the recent media claim that Suning and Dazhong joint to the United States against the country, the possibility of Paradise, Sun Weimin, said Su Ning, which is the media's sympathy for Suning Return Weapon, but "Do not make more speculation."

Sun Weimin, said Su Ning of the industry's mergers and acquisitions, has its own point of view. Suning now do not exclude acquisitions within the industry, but there are two principles: one is to realize the merger object enterprise employees and business value; the other is the investment value for investors, the value of the enterprise's sustainable investment .

Speed up construction of Shanghai Headquarters

"We have to end up shop in Shanghai 50 more than originally planned more than 40 out of 10." Ling Guosheng, vice president of Suning told reporters, Suning Shanghai headquarters will accelerate the establishment of action to tell the country the United States. Ling Guosheng, said, Gome, Suning Paradise to the expansion of mergers and acquisitions and opportunities, as far as he knew, now Wing-lok, Gome stores overlap with 25-27, which will inevitably need to be adjusted and this adjustment is difficult to Suning band to more development space.

Ling Guosheng of the country the United States, Wing-lok, dual-brand strategy after mergers and acquisitions are not optimistic. He said that the implementation of dual-brand strategy, consumers worried about buying a home appliance Paradise where maintenance? And Huang Guangyu said to plant maintenance, is a violation of consumer protection laws, because the law clearly stipulates the maintenance of goods "who sell who does."

Said Ling Guosheng, as of yesterday evening, Suning in Shanghai, the number of applicants reached 5,261 jobs, including many from Paradise, the national staff of the United States. He said it is increasing for Suning Shanghai headquarters building is undoubtedly a "dream come true."

The industry believes that, Suning and Gome "war" finally started, we can expect that after the two sides in the price, size, capital and other aspects of shopping. This is in the Transformation of Chinese home appliance chain industry, is a challenge and an opportunity.

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