Thursday, October 21, 2010

Additional team bonus, energy stimulate team

For the marketing team to set the salary system has been discussed for many businesses and headache. If you set a good, you can play a small but powerful chain of effects; if the set is not good, then make the team lifeless, unable to inspire the team dynamic. Now many companies marketing team to set the salary system is generally base salary plus bonus or commission, the basic salary is fixed, while the bonus and commission rate of or are based on sales or profits to reach the floating state. and bonus calculations are set according to some formula, the higher non- the right to determine the distribution of lower bonuses. This is just the hardware evaluation of the marketing team, while the team's cohesion. discipline. team building. execution so they can not use money in the form of assessment. and so it was a blind spot of the assessment team.
So how in the form of bonus marketing team at the same time evaluation of hardware and software, the maximum excitation team dynamic? I believe that the marketing team can effectively set up the team prize to solve this problem. Specifically as follows:
1. Establish the marketing team in various positions in the base of the team bonuses, such as 500 yuan, director of marketing; marketing manager for 400 yuan; marketing director or the Office of the Director of 300 yuan; marketers 200 yuan.
2. Determine the marketing team of software assessment indicators.
3. All the hardware assessment targets marketers pay staff bonuses based on the formula, but the team bonus pay not to be directly calculated.
4. After the end of monthly appraisal software by a higher index based on lower-level team to determine the distribution of bonuses, and pay staff salaries. Should be emphasized that higher levels can only determine the distribution of direct subordinates of the team prize, not leapfrog distribution. Such as marketing general manager only director of marketing team can determine the distribution of bonus, but can not determine distribution, marketing manager of the team bonuses, and so on.
Note: 1. Bonus percentage of total team prize too hard to 5% to 15% more appropriate. If the ratio is too large, it will lead marketers money floating base is too large, is not conducive to marketing team stable and prone to fraud and bribery marketing management phenomena, but the ratio is not easy too low, the ratio is too low there will not achieve the purpose of the assessment team of software.
2. Despite the higher level team can leapfrog to the distribution of bonuses, but the monitor has a responsibility and obligation, once the lower levels found lower in the distribution of bonus among the team of serious anomaly should be ordered to lower-level explanation and correction.
3. To avoid the marketing managers in the allocation of bonuses to team appeared''to do good "for the average distribution of the phenomenon.
This bonus can also be used to set system to other departments, specific methods and issues can refer to the above methods and issues.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why the new emphasis on staff training

The thought of tomorrow will officially report for duty to the company, and Li Yang at heart felt extremely happy. The company is the industry's very powerful "new enterprise", he graduated from prestigious universities to the corporate network center first began his work life. Although his specialty is not computer-related, but marketing, but his great good time on the computer, or in the junior year, he began to help companies develop application programming and software systems. Thought in the final round of interviews, general manager of his appreciation, Li Yang, the certainty that tomorrow will be attracted to them these new college graduates to organize some "wonderful program", such as senior managers met with the congratulations of my colleagues welcome to the Ministry of Personnel of the company's detailed description of the circumstances and complete employee handbooks. Li Yang, some students have to work a half a month, many students are pleased to tell his own company, how enthusiastically accepted the "new man" ... ...

However, the first day to his disappointment.

He first came to the Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Personnel to confirm that Li Yang, the company has been on the phone to tell the network center manager Wang Li Yang came and took him to their jobs. After some time, manager Wang Chen was sent to his assistant, Chen politely held out his hand and said: "You are welcome to join our company! Mr.Wang a hurry can not come, I will arrange some of your things." to the network center, Chen pointed to a paper and office supplies piled the table and said to him: "Your predecessor resigned away few days ago, we have not had time to clear the table, sort it yourself first!"
Finished, Chen proceeded as busy again. To noon, Chen Li Yang to the restaurant with, tell him to do at some of their procedures to the relevant departments, leading a number of office supplies. In the dinner, Li Chen, where small number of cases about the company, lunch with some colleagues in the office, talked for a while, but he was disappointed the company did not do as he thought he was warmly received, attention he .

The next day, Mr.Wang see Li Yang, called him into his office began the task assigned him. When Mr.Wang After much talking, Li Yang was about to remind some of the ideas on their own to talk with him, a phone call came, Li had to return to their computers start thinking ahead to his work, his work is a network creation and maintenance. He knew that he needed to deal with a lot of people, but he did not know who is who, had their own open picture.

On the third day, Li was manager Wang "lesson" a few. Original, manager Wang Li Yang is to send a document to the upstairs of the Finance Department, Li sent later, it went on his own work. After a child, Manager Wang came up and asked him: "to finance it? Who take it?" Li Yang replied: "pay go, is a woman then, she told me there Well put . "Mr.Wang a look of displeasure and said:" to your work, you must report the results to me, you know? "Li Yang, although his mouth to say" know ", but his face was revealed dissatisfaction with the look. Manager Wang asked what his views, Li Yang is busy covering up said: "Manager Wang taught right, I hope you lot after the guidance!" Li Yang believes that too many of these details over, and their work completed on the line, is simply Manager Wang would like to show this is leading.

These few days, Li Yang, feel better is to think of two other colleagues for their pretty enthusiastic. A girl is their first two alumni, and the other boy is the sort of joke, pretty well to "create" an atmosphere of people. Li Yang They asked: "Can we always received new employees?" Alumni said to him, "the company is this style, the staff gradually adapt themselves gradually into the company." "The company's founder is Several engineering Dr. tricks they think too much is not much use, adaptation on the left, not suited to the leave. Many people left because of the company's pay is not bad! "the boy said to him.

On the weekends, Li about the students out to dinner, talking about his first week of work, Li and looking out at the bright sunshine, a steady stream of vehicles, loss and said: "awful!" ... ...

What is the new employee training and development?

As the case in Li Yang complained: "awful!" Many companies training and development for new staff to do poorly, as many people think: "do not report for work that is! Slowly, employees naturally will be familiar to all, to adapt to all! why the fanfare then what? "the beginning of this chapter, a new employee training and development from concept to explain the new staff training and development.

New employee training and development, also known as pre-job training, pre-vocational education, education into the plant, is an enterprise of the state's employees from an outsider into an enterprise's processes, the staff member from a group into another group process, employees become familiar with and adapt organizational environment and begin preliminary planning his career, positioning their role, began to play to their talents. Successful new employee training and development has gone deep into the employee's behavior and mental level, as opposed to job training for new staff training and development is the beginning of group interaction.

Workplace, employees often pre-education, but a shallow, about his company's culture, policies, procedures and the introduction of it, no amount of new employees, but is distributed to a number of manuals, or in the office with them factory floor or fly and to pocket the ring. In the article at the beginning of the case, the new employee training is considered unnecessary, so that my colleagues have become new employees "into the Secretary of education" subject.

For the graduates, just enter the workplace into the community, they are the same as a piece of paper, different corporate cultures will be a different color and images. Students from a school turned into business people, employees and business if you want to pursue a win-win, companies must pay attention to the new staff training, systematic planning of new employee training. Just graduated from technical colleges and schools, they will face a completely new and unfamiliar environment, and their behavior to the inner experiences and feelings will be some changes, large or small.

For those from another unit into the company's new employees, they want a kind of organizational culture into a different organizational culture. They worry about whether they adapt to new jobs, would be appreciated by their superiors, will get along with colleagues, their company's future prospects and so on.

Of the enterprises, new employees during the transition period first came to be a business enterprise in accordance with their own feelings and how to choose their own performance evaluation to determine whether they should seek the development of the company or as a springboard, and the company's corporate culture, management actions will affect new employees in work attitude, performance, interpersonal relationships.

What new employees will face the problem?

Study found that new employees enter the company will face the beginning of the following three typical problems:

* Groups will be accepted?
Everyone will have such feelings - into a new environment, will be accepted in this small group? There was a character of some of the girls within just enter the business in the beginning said to me: "In school, students say, work more difficult for people to get along, I saw a lot of magazine articles reflect the work of Interpersonal relationship of the complex. I am now very worried, 涓?understand that colleagues we will not like me, I will be others gossip, my personal life will we be excessively Ganrao.'ve heard, Gongzuozhichu many candidates are as difficult to get along with my colleagues but for the work. I wish I could luck a little bit! "

Easy to see that only when the girl selling the above concerns completely smoke cloud dispersion, she can be in a happy mood to fully display her talents.

* The company will honor its promises?
Many enterprises in order to attract talents in the recruitment pm with beautiful promises, once a staff member into 鍏徃, and that brought false the situation or the Tiao Jian Yuan Gong Yao Qiu was excessive, given the too Shao Yuan Gong. Guidelines relative to the staff, business history and objectives, the staff is more concerned about their wages, benefits, vacation, development prospects. Only their personal interests are protected, they can psychologically accept the corporate culture into the company's groups, or they would show the negative, even positive, they are also preparing to leave for work experience opportunity and quit.

* How the work environment like?
The working environment here, both said working conditions, location, including the company's relationships, work style. New environment is to attract new, or exclusion rookie? Colleagues will take the initiative to contact with new employees and told them the necessary working knowledge and experience? First job was guiding you? Whether they fully understand their responsibilities? In order to complete the work, they get the necessary equipment or working conditions? The problem is directly related to the evaluation of new employees and impressions of the business.

New employee training and development need

So that new employees get career information necessary to begin to adapt to organizational environment.

Through pre-employment training activities, new employees are familiar with the workplace, understand the rules and regulations and the promotion of enterprise, the standard salary increase, a clear organizational structure of enterprises and development goals, which will help new employees adapt to the new environment.

* Clear job responsibilities, operating procedures to adapt to new career and master certain operating skills, beginning competency.
Through the employee handbook, job descriptions, necessary visits and some skills training, new employees clear their tasks, responsibilities, lines of authority and reporting relationships, adapt to new working processes, the use of some of the work is no longer unfamiliar to help new employees begin to do the job.

* To establish a good relationship, gradually being accepted by certain groups to enhance staff awareness and team spirit.
Communication through participation in the primary game, teamwork courses, set up the new team of staff awareness, but also the old staff and new employees full access finance, mutual exchange, to form a good relationship.

* By a certain attitude and behavior change in integrated campaign to promote the new staff to change its role from an outsider into an enterprise of people.
New employees into the enterprise or from school or from another business to the enterprise, the professional understanding of the concept of leadership, professional life, "rules of the game" and have their own different interpretations. The enterprise's mission to be implemented, in order to make business operations and brand objectives are maintained, companies need to own the business philosophy and the corporate culture Rongru to employee behaviors and belief systems, thereby bringing workers to become real in this business "Corporate people."

* For the recruitment, selection and recruitment, career management and provide feedback.
Through job training, new employee recruitment and selection activities in the "create" the illusion will be exposed to the wrong person in charge or recruitment of cognitive and subjective bias will be confirmed, but new employees will fully demonstrate their overall image and enhance the business understanding of the staff, this will give recruitment, selection and career management information feedback.

New employee training should include the contents of the

In order to develop effective new employee training program, we first check whether your new employee training program content should be included.

* Company Overview
Effective training program for new employees should first comprehensive understanding of the staff, understanding of the company, reduce strangeness, increase intimacy and sense of mission. About both the physical and material conditions, such as work environment, work facilities, but also intangible, such as the company's business processes, business philosophy and so on. In general, the company profiles should include the following information:

1. In the workplace and facilities;
2. Corporate history, mission and vision;
3. Enterprise products, services and work processes;
4. Business customers and market competition status;
5. Corporate organizational structure and an important figure.

* Essential job descriptions and job
Detailed description of the new staff positions to the instructions on the relevant provisions of the new employees you need to describe the appropriate work behavior, and make demonstrations, the development schedule, and within the prescribed time for new staff with the working methods and skills employees to accept the new issues raised and provide the necessary guidance. For performance appraisal, promotion in post pay and other regulations also elaborate.

The so-called professional staff is necessary to be acquired by the work of colleagues in the specific contacts, boss management style, the necessary confidentiality requirements, the company some of the "jargon" and so on.

鈥?Legal documents and regulations
Legal documents is the lead contract, the company's identity cards, keys, time cards, and social security provisions for legal and related documents signed.

The new work rules and behavior guidelines for employees, the staff work and personnel management rules and regulations must allow employees to understand, these are usually contained in the internal newsletter or staff handbook. How to make the new employee to become your "business person"? This problem needs the information including the strengthening of team spirit, internalization managers, enhance staff loyalty and belonging business activities such as the information conveyed to the staff.

The following idea is summed up by managers used to enhance their sense of belonging in some ways, as follows:

The staff on the first day of the impressive way:

鈼?hold a conference, prepare coffee or tea. Invitation to each and every employee to come and meet new people.
鈼?br />Help new employees do a good job preparing to see their desk office supplies are available. If necessary, staff prepared a new calendar, and its printed business cards and name cards on the table.

鈼?placed in a prominent position on the staff a welcome banner.
鈼?give new employees a company's souvenirs, such as a company logo printed on the cups, T-shirts, pens or small calculators.
鈼?invite new employees to lunch.
鈼?br />The new staff to prepare a rescue package, which put some unconventional gadgets, which is also a reflection of its culture. For example, new employees work for the customer service, customer Chang Chang angry, then Jiusheng bag can be equipped with "Bundy" brand band-aid Yi prepare employees to be customer "harm" when used to prepare for hearing with earplugs tired of Le other speech use, there are some that read, "Yes, sir" or "Yes, ma'am," the card for use.

鈼?Using the company's "jargon" to write a welcome letter sent to new employees. When they read a letter to him to explain the "jargon" means.
鈼?br />Older employees introduce themselves, please list their company's unique "characteristics" to. For example, some people may talk about an eccentric customers, some may talk about on Friday is the day dressed in civilian clothes, some people will talk about when the annual Christmas dinner, "cups and plates messy" and so on. 11 after the introduction of the new employees also control a lot about the company and employee information.

List of training new employees

In the development of new employee training programs, the need to carefully check the staff know what information should be omitted, which repeat checklist is used in this part. The following checklist to introduce you to three kinds of practical work for your reference, you can create your own their own business situation checklist. Table 2-2 is a checklist for new staff paper bags, table 2-3 is applied, head of the training checklist.

Table 2-2 Checklist for new employees Envelope
鈼?The latest organization chart;
鈼?the company's future organization chart;
鈼?The factory plans;
鈼?related to this industry, the company or their jobs the important concepts and terminology;
鈼?copy of the policy manual;
鈼?union copy of the contract;
鈼?work objectives and a copy of the note;
鈼?Company holiday table;
鈼?Small offer table;
鈼?performance evaluation form, a copy of the date and procedures;
鈼?copies of other forms (such as expropriation compensation and reimbursement of expenses);
鈼?table-job training opportunities;
鈼?sources of information;
鈼?handling emergencies and the detailed steps to prevent accidents;
鈼?important internal publication of the copy of the sample;
鈼?important people and departments, telephone, address;
鈼?copy of the insurance plan.

Table 2-3 head of the training checklist

Company Profile
1. Welcome;
2. The company's business, growth, development trends;
3. Goals, strengths and problems;
4. The company's traditions, customs, norms and standards;
5.'s Special mission and functions;
6. Products and services, the main users;
7. Providing products and services on the way, step;
8. The scope of company activities;
9. Organization, structure, and subsidiary relationship;
10. Organization and command system;
11. The main managers of the situation;
12. The relationship between the various groups, expectations and activities.

Major policy and process description
1. Compensation;
2. Overtime system;
3. Shift;
4. Detention;
5. Discount;
6. Salary advance;
7. The work of reimbursement of expenses;
8. Wage rate and wage range;
9. Holiday pay;
10. Paid way;
11.'s Purchase of the privilege of handling products;
12. Wrong loans to the lending department;
13. Tax method.

Small concessions
1. Insurance;
2. Life insurance;
3. Workers Award;
4. Illness, personal leave;
5. Retirement schemes and preferential treatment;
6. Consultancy services;
7. Medical and dental insurance;
8. Disability insurance;
9. Festival holiday (eg, national, religious holiday, birthday);
10. Re-training opportunities;
11. Cafeteria.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Suning to the "conspiracy theory" fight back country U.S. provocation

Suning last no longer silent.

August 3, Suning CEO Sun Weimin, "unbearable", and the United States and China Paradise Wong, Chairman of the new group after the merger and the new Group CEO, former president Chen Xiao Yong Le since the recent "provocative behavior," struck back. This also means that competition in the Chinese home appliance chain industry will enter a new era of even more intense.

"This is a conspiracy"

"This is Huang Guangyu has planned, organized, premeditated conspiracy for Suning." Sun people definitely said, "We want to disregard this, however, wish, while the wind blows, so that things can not stay out to calm down." As Huang Guangyu's aggressive, and greatly damage the image of Suning, Suning investors, suppliers, consumers and government departments are waiting for Su Ning's attitude, therefore, had to come out to respond to Su Ning Huang Guangyu and Chen Xiao's "provocation" .

Sun stressed that the people, Huang Guangyu and Chen Xiao said in the July 31 Suning should "have merged to create the conditions", "Su Ning and the National US-merger hit up." In just 48 hours after the Aug. 2, in the SINA network interviews, Wong Kwong Yu, the face of M & Suning assumptions will answer, said Su Ning, the country like the United States acquired the acquisition is the United States, to take money or what means Buy and claim Suning valuation. Prior to the acquisition of the predicted denied, as the country's merger between the U.S. and the insider, like Paradise, which is full of suspense, is "the country since the US-directed and performed a farce for Suning."

Sun Weimin said the day from August 2 shares of view, Gome, Suning's market value is greater than the market value. So the country is the United States wants to buy Su Ning Huang Guangyu cooked up the "big lie" intended to affect its share price Suning, Suning want from the capital market and compete. Sun Weimin that Gome and Suning not in the market to compete, but in the capital market Suningshijia pressure, "a conspiracy", but before the comments in the media, Wong Kwong Yu Su Ning's share price, fails as an entrepreneur's credibility. Huang Guangyu may constitute a breach of the national legal acts, Suning not rule out the use of legal weapons to protect the business, investor interest in the possibility.

Possible merger

"Suning will not participate in mergers and acquisitions." Sun told the people, Suning has always unequivocally expressed its position: not to participate in the Merger and the National to the United States. He said that Suning and Gome, Yongle's "blood," not the same, is a native of private enterprise in the territory of the Main Board-listed public company, Gome, Yongle in China, Hong Kong-listed foreign capital, are international capital background, the In concept, ideas, culture, management and so are not the same, in a word, "no common ground at any point at all."

To the recent media claim that Suning and Dazhong joint to the United States against the country, the possibility of Paradise, Sun Weimin, said Su Ning, which is the media's sympathy for Suning Return Weapon, but "Do not make more speculation."

Sun Weimin, said Su Ning of the industry's mergers and acquisitions, has its own point of view. Suning now do not exclude acquisitions within the industry, but there are two principles: one is to realize the merger object enterprise employees and business value; the other is the investment value for investors, the value of the enterprise's sustainable investment .

Speed up construction of Shanghai Headquarters

"We have to end up shop in Shanghai 50 more than originally planned more than 40 out of 10." Ling Guosheng, vice president of Suning told reporters, Suning Shanghai headquarters will accelerate the establishment of action to tell the country the United States. Ling Guosheng, said, Gome, Suning Paradise to the expansion of mergers and acquisitions and opportunities, as far as he knew, now Wing-lok, Gome stores overlap with 25-27, which will inevitably need to be adjusted and this adjustment is difficult to Suning band to more development space.

Ling Guosheng of the country the United States, Wing-lok, dual-brand strategy after mergers and acquisitions are not optimistic. He said that the implementation of dual-brand strategy, consumers worried about buying a home appliance Paradise where maintenance? And Huang Guangyu said to plant maintenance, is a violation of consumer protection laws, because the law clearly stipulates the maintenance of goods "who sell who does."

Said Ling Guosheng, as of yesterday evening, Suning in Shanghai, the number of applicants reached 5,261 jobs, including many from Paradise, the national staff of the United States. He said it is increasing for Suning Shanghai headquarters building is undoubtedly a "dream come true."

The industry believes that, Suning and Gome "war" finally started, we can expect that after the two sides in the price, size, capital and other aspects of shopping. This is in the Transformation of Chinese home appliance chain industry, is a challenge and an opportunity.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dell amended financial statements over the past four years, net profit is expected to cut 150 millio

Recently, Dell announced that it will correct the past four years, earnings is estimated to cut 150 million U.S. dollars of net profit. Previously, Dell through an internal investigation found that, in order to achieve specific performance objectives, that exist within the company mislead auditors and false performance behavior.

Dell's performance of this incident does not give rise to any serious impact, but the founder, CEO Michael Dell in this case what kind of role play will be the focus of the industry.

鎴村皵钁d簨浼氬壇涓诲腑鍏糃FO澶氭仼路鍗¤拏琛ㄧず锛氣?搴旇涓烘璐熻矗鐨勪汉宸茬粡绂诲紑銆傚彲浠ヨ偗瀹氱殑鏄紝鎴村皵绠$悊鍥㈤槦鍜岃懀浜嬩細閮借涓烘垜浠凡缁忛噰鍙栦簡蹇呰鐨勬帾鏂姐?鈥?br />
So far, Dell still faces the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Southern District of New Prosecutor's Office investigation.



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Tencent said the prosecution did not rule out the possibility and Tencent on "Rainbow QQ" war of words re-upgrade. recognition, "Rainbow QQ is a legitimate respective instant messaging supporting software." In response, Tencent response "will make every effort to plug the illegal" and said they did not exclude the use of legal means possible to solve the problem.

Tencent has announced plans to launch a number of measures to shield all illegal QQ plug-in, the main target is to have the "Show IP function", "Show hidden feature" of the rainbow QQ. Later, friends broke the news, rainbow QQ is actually behind the producers CEO Pang Dongsheng. But has denied such claims

However, is a public statement yesterday: "Rainbow software is a legitimate belongs supporting instant messaging software, Tencent no right to arbitrarily identify the Rainbow software illegal." And refers to the software Tencent rainbow of external claims act "and the worm very similar "and" lead to leakage of user information and create security problems "are all false statements," Enterprises can not be too 'QQ'. "

In response, Tencent public hit back: "Tencent will make every effort to safeguard the privacy and information security, illegal plug, actually there are legally registered enterprises engaged in the production of plug-ins, our belief."

Tencent and present a number of operational overlap between, the outbreak of war was both "a battle of wits" due to the escalating. Around the instant messaging tool QQ is Tencent Internet community formed the core of the business, but is the largest outside except Tencent social networking site in July this year, the giant network to 51 million U.S. dollars cash 51.com25% of the shares.

In response, industry analysts point out that the purpose is to plug the rainbow from poached Tencent QQ users, to enrich popularity and cash flow for their contribution. This approach would certainly lead to resentment Tencent. However, legal experts said that under the relevant provisions of the "PW", "external" Internet publishing and other acts of unlawful activities, they should crack down hard. But even to sue Tencent I am afraid not so easy, we must grasp the very solid evidence, while Chen Shoufu and compared on coral QQ, has a stronger background. The two sides of a lengthy legal battle or will this began.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How GIS abstract surface features of space?

GIS first problem to be solved is how to use computer technology to describe and express complex spatial surface features and their spatial relationship?

GIS uses highly abstract method of abstract space surface features or phenomena into several basic types - point, line, surface and composite objects.
Spatial position relationship between surface features used to describe the topological relations.

Point data with a specific location, the expression of discrete distribution for space object; below shows the distribution of educational outlets.

Line data type is an abstract linear features or phenomena. The figure is a toll station and the flyover of the linear expression (data cloud from the Beijing Traffic Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing Xing Yu Capital Highway Development Co., Ltd. to provide).

Surface expression of a certain spatial range of data and area of spatial entities, spatial coordinates of this data type is a closed chain said. The figure shows the number of ground-like city data.

Composite object used for point, line, surface expression of complex surface features can not be abstract, by point, line, surface expression of a combination.

Topological relations between surface features used to express complex spatial position relationship, such as railway and administrative relationship between the distribution of rivers as water sources and the relationship between residential areas, water pipelines and facilities and the control valve relations. GIS spatial relationship to features on the abstract to the dots, between the lines, between the surface and surface, between points and lines, point and area between the line and face a variety of spatial topological relations between , including the "adjacent", "Deviation", "intersect", "contains", "coincidence" and the expression of the relationship.

Different purpose, on the same surface features of the abstract method is also different. Million population of the country such as the distribution of large cities, the cities can be abstracted as points, but on the management of urban infrastructure, the city can not simply be a point-like surface features of the.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

White male Mecca Enterprises

For enterprises, their development is the premise of limited resources, and strive to the greatest possible throughput, and its essence is the pursuit of the rational use of corporate resources: the market accurately, formulate a reasonable plan, a comprehensive analysis of the cost of the equipment full use of the balanced operation arrangements, the rational management of inventory, quality control and so on.

60's, the United States the emergence of a new inventory and planned control method - MRP (Material Requirements Planning). The basic principles and traditional methods have a significant difference can amount that stocks while minimizing inventory costs while improving service level, to improve delivery rates. MRP has brought a revolution in business management and opened up new ways of manufacturing management.

Nineties, enterprises have an enterprise-centric (Enterprise-Focused) a major shift in business strategy, enterprise resource planning emerged (Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP) a new concept. ERP Yi MRPII is based, but both the technical and functional beyond MRPII, its new in the development of major features including greater scalable integrated. In quality management, product data management, process operations management, warehouse management, providing a new and powerful support.

ERP for the company to bring advanced management ideas, management of the world's new standard for computer manufacturing. ERP quickly developed from concept to application, set off again in the international business highlight of modern management.

China Enterprise Information Application

With the global economic integration the strengthening of the external environment for Chinese enterprises a great deal of change. Intense competition in the domestic market, with foreign companies competition and cooperation, how to develop and to sustainable development, all of the desire to grow the operation and management of SMEs in China has brought a higher demand.

Operating on the face of the opportunities and challenges, many Chinese companies raised a banner of information, hope to promote enterprise information management, leading to a decline in business costs and increase efficiency. As ERP applications, many enterprises had had their name is familiar. Indeed, ERP management software used to strengthen the integration of external and internal information management for business decision-making basis.
However, due to the scale of enterprise management, human resources, management level of restrictions, enterprise applications often have little effect down, many SMEs can not even apply, or just to buy the software as a decoration. Because the ERP is a comprehensive change, ERP product lines all the business demand for integrated business management while import ERP software for on-line. Many enterprise business ready, staff are not adequately prepared, the impact on business is too large, many enterprises can not adapt, that is, many companies the main frustrations in the ERP.

Domestic status of various types of management software market

First, the domestic original management software project early in order to customize the main and almost no standard software systems, in addition to outside financial software. As the software vendors and customers in a weak position, contains a management system in the import process model because of the reality of submission requirements for the enterprise. This information significantly reducing the effectiveness of management's stimulating, not to mention future product improvement and further services.

The second is an international software products. International large-scale management software system, function more complex structure, the software integration is good, but expensive. Currently most of such software for large enterprises in China application. Such products are difficult to be promoted and applied in small and medium enterprises, it is not for the scale of China's small and medium enterprise group. Together constitute the business environment and cultural characteristics of the regional differences in these products in the domestic enterprise ERP implementation will encounter many natural areas are not ideal.

Third, Taiwan's ERP vendors. The Industry Characteristics of Mainland enterprises in the Mainland enterprise decision management and process with the diversity, if only considered from the perspective of MRP 鈪?Mainland enterprises, their adaptability and the overall effect of nature is not well applied. No wonder some overseas, and Taiwan enter the Mainland market ERP vendors although more than 10 years, the overall market is still no breakthrough. The main reason is that most of the class management software, has been formed, the software company is more work to implement the delivery of software, the software is almost impossible to be modified according to customer demand, while such software does not support the Internet's B / S structure .

Fourth, small management software system. Gailei software, the main advantage is low price, but the data is poor integration, enterprise business data with each isolation, can only help enterprises achieve Shuju storage functions, and enterprise data can not be mutual association application, and then lift Jingying Management level of effort.

In summary, these multiple management software products are not really suitable for the majority of Chinese enterprises, so make Chinese enterprises to benefit from the management software, enterprise and software necessary to mature.

Exactly what kind of Chinese enterprises management software?

Management software market from today point of view, is not what kind of management software for Chinese enterprises simple, but Chinese companies and what kind of management software, enterprise management software products, demand-driven maturation. The main features of Chinese enterprises is to:
1. Developed to a certain stage, need to manage the standardization;
2. Need to conduct critical business process management to better control;
3. Operational flexibility to increase, the need for client assessment;
4. Focus on the coordination of internal resources and external supply chain integration, in order to improve efficiency.

This requires systematic business management, business development and flexible technology, business process standardization, and better address the development of the management.

Mecca information on the understanding that the Chinese enterprises should be able to truly manage the use of information technology to enhance the ability of the ERP the first to break the large and the overall implementation of the method, application, "the overall planning, focusing on breakthrough" ideas, will focused on key business applications integration and collaboration. Second, with the management and operations to achieve the continuous adjustment of the inevitable in the original information and business rules to adjust and integrate. An excellent management software system, the user must be able to demand changes, the lowest cost and shortest time to achieve these requirements.

Therefore, Chinese companies really need the management software products should at least have the following four conditions:
1. It should be a product-based business management, especially for enterprises to integrate key business.
2. It's complexity and the message body should be consistent with the scale of China's vast business enterprise.
3. For enterprise business processes, businesses are allowed to easily define their own business processes and change.
4. Enterprise data inside a whole, all business documents can be connected seamlessly.

Mecca of information accumulated over a long period of practice, rigorous technical reserves and integrated enterprise launched Mecca male just followed the 2.0 system
The four terms.

Mecca male enterprise 2.0 business management software
Mecca male enterprise 2.0 enterprise information management software is a Mecca for well-launched a medium-sized enterprises in China's management software. Mecca male enterprise 2.0 enterprise management software designed to Mecca in the original application management system based on the breakthrough of traditional management software, large and ideas. Product-oriented management of key business processes to help companies manage effectively break the bottleneck, so that businesses can truly realize the "master plan, step by step" to a relatively small upfront investment to key business to focus on breaking through to obtain a more obvious implementation effect.

Enterprise management to meet the needs of business-critical systems
Mecca male enterprise 2.0 enterprise management software companies could be the key to business management. For example, to help improve inventory management, to inventory management to rationalize. Jiang Di inventory control of undesirable because of the damage caused; for the production of management to provide timely, accurate information on the full range of integrated, thus reducing production costs, increase to be effective Xiaoshuai; Jinxing comprehensive supplier assessment to make procurement management to purchase at a reasonable price The proper time delivery level; make delivery (sales) and production work closely together to make delivery (sales) is more accurate, and timely; time to reflect accounts receivable, accounts payable, financial position control; promote communication between departments by the poor communication is not timely or complete information to enhance the timely communication; for business decision-makers or users of information to provide accurate and complete inventory, production, purchasing, sales and other information; accurate enterprise customer's credit evaluation, to reduce the risk of trade; for all critical business documents kept by the software to enable enterprises of all businesses have a documented occurrence.

Flexible and convenient application environment

Mecca male enterprise 2.0 management software can provide the work of WEB-based approach, where users do not need any re-install the software, do not need to install the various versions of the client application, simply open the browser, the can start work, headquarters in time to understand the sales company information. When managers in the field trip or at home, you can still access the system through the Internet, look for statements or approval, the daily work are not affected. At the same time in various departments within the company from time to time between the companies manage their business, while other departments or business partners need to work together.

Mecca male enterprise management software to provide a lot easier to use the report data integration for policy-makers use. Judgement and decision-making to help them from what will be the market most in need of the products, how to achieve the most accurate way, at the right time, in the best place, with the best equipment and resources, from the most suitable person for production, then the most open channels of the products submitted to the market and consumers hands, to complete the capital cycle.

Custom business processes

Business process change is the business decisions and not on a key element of information systems. Because the traditional system has its own pre-determined processes, enterprises can only passively accept the information system processes. This often will generate more entrepreneurial concerns, how to reconcile the inherent business processes and information systems brought about by the conflict? The Mecca male enterprise 2.0 business management software workflow system using Mecca as the workflow definition and implementation of the core, thus effectively solving the user requirements of business process change. Customers can define their own rights according to demand and business processes without the involvement of technical staff, will be able to Mecca, the definition of male business enterprise management software in their business processes to maximize the application of reduced system cost, so that their employees feel familiar, friendly, willing to accept the system. Meanwhile, when the company's business or the adjustment process occurs, the traditional approach to this system is an enterprise or waste or ask software companies to re-write the software code to adapt to changes in the process, so that costs and costs of large enterprises. The application of Mecca workflow systems, enterprise system maintenance staff can also easily change the process of change processes, reduce system development and maintenance costs.

Enterprise Data integrity

Industries in the information system, they often encounter a major problem is how to make the internal system data integration technology, some companies stop-gap measures, pay attention to short-term, the enterprise has sets of sector small software, these small software can also be used within the department to use, but it formed an island of information within a month, the information can not be smooth in the internal flow of poor efficiency of corporate communications, to the long, will the internal business Coordination and external competitiveness has resulted in great decline. Mecca male enterprise 2.0 within the system management software provides seamless connectivity to all business documents and transparent infrastructure, it has a strong capacity expansion in order to facilitate docking with the external system data, such as financial software. This allows the company to strengthen the coordination of key business, to external customers and suppliers faster response, and to the corresponding control of the business and financial risk, business effectiveness and efficiency can be improved accordingly.

Mecca of professional services

As more complex enterprise application environments, our consultants will help sort out corporate business structure, management from the need to upgrade the starting place, Mecca male through the implementation of enterprise management software to enhance the company's management. As the start of business-critical set, saving the company's investment, but also easy for corporate leaders to see that business-critical information faster and in good results, and establish their confidence in carrying out information technology; but also help employees to carry out information from the right from doubt, receive a positive approach towards change for the company's overall information management to provide a positive assurance to carry out.


Enterprise 2.0 male Mecca Mecca information management software is a comprehensive understanding of the current management of Chinese enterprises and the status and problems of information management requirements, the tailor-made for Chinese enterprises, for the Chinese enterprise management information solutions. It will coordinate internal resources, first straighten out the company's internal and more to meet market needs. Quickly to market changes and transmission to every corner of Chinese enterprises to make the quickest response, enterprises have become a leader in the true sense!


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